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Joy Dertinger

New Lenox: Piano

About Joy



Joy has been playing piano for close to 20 years and has been in education for over 10 of those years.

Joy plays multiple instruments and has toured the US and Palestine with their college orchestra. 

With a background in social services and education, Joy believes in the importance of establishing connection with students and incorporating students' interest into lessons. Some of Joy's best memories in music are of teachers believing in and encouraging them to let themselves shine through their music. 

Joy's favorite city is Chicago, but they also love the peace and tranquility of nature, particularly waterfalls, which they chase every chance they get.


A nerd through and through, some of Joy's favorite things to do include analyzing Steven Universe characters, watching "The Great British Bake-Off," studying biology and chemistry, and of course, listening to and playing music. Joy is a linguistics student, spouse, and parent, and will never turn down a good coffee.


Joy's Calendar 

Is Joy accepting new students?
Check Joy's calendar below to see if they have any spots marked "OPEN for new students."
 If you register for lessons, you can specify which of Joy's openings you would like. 

If I am currently one of Joy's students, how do I schedule a makeup lesson with Joy?
To make scheduling a makeup as easy as possible, here is your teacher's schedule below. There are available make-ups, as indicated by the term “OPEN for makeups.” Scroll down to look at all the available days and times.  

You are NOT able to manually make a schedule change yourself on the calendar. Call, email, or text your teacher to tell them which OPEN spot you would like to take, and they will make the change for you.

Can't see this calendar? Try this:
1. Safari users, go to Preferences>Privacy. Disable "Prevent Cross-Site Tracking."
2. Or, try using the Google Chrome web browser.

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