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for newborns to age 5

Join us for these magical, musical classes for children and their grownups. Your heart will absolutely melt at the happy smile on your child’s face and the delightful memories you’ll share as you watch your child’s musical potential expand and early learning skills blossom.


0-12 months

for newborns & growing babies

Your heart will burst with joy when your baby laughs for the first time at our peek-a-boo song, discovers the joy of banging on a drum, or rocks gently in your arms to a lullaby.

Level 1

1's & 2's

for young toddlers

An early start is the best start! Nurture a close heart-to-heart bond with your child and delight in how your child responds to music as you play instruments, sing, make new friends, cuddle, and dance together.


Level 2

2's & 3's

for older toddlers

Fall in love with all the ways you can foster your child’s love of music while also rediscovering the joys of childhood through their eyes as you play, giggle, dance, pretend, sing, and explore instruments together.

Registration begins 12:00AM CST Aug 1
3's & 4's

Level 3

for preschool-age children

Be confident that your child is better prepared for school and music lessons later on by gaining a noticeable difference in self-expression, self-control, creativity, imagination, and a fascination with learning and music.

4's & 5's

Level 4

for pre-K & kindergarten-age children

Thrill at how your child’s joy and delight in music-making grows even deeper as they master musical terms, read and compose music, work happily together in ensembles and on teams, play musical games, and gain experience with a variety of instruments – all while gaining confidence in using their own unique instrument – their singing voice. 

5's & 6's

Level 5

for kindergarten or elementary-age children

Take pride in your child’s budding self-confidence, love of singing, and expanded musical abilities as they enjoy this final and most advanced level of Kindermusik.  We’ll continue developing our glockenspiel (pre-keyboard) skills, but also add in learning to play the ukulele, dulcimer, and recorder. 


What's next?

We can take your child on a
musical journey from birth to adult
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Music Lessons-3.png

available 2024


newborn to 6 yrs

0 - 4 yrs


For families with multiple children, friend groups, and more

Why not bring the whole family to music class? During our Kindermusik Mixed-Age class, your kids can explore instruments during our "Family Jam" and simply enjoy singing, dancing and learning music with each other in our award-winning Kindermusik program!

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