for newborns to age 6

Join us for these magical, musical classes for children and their grownups. Your heart will absolutely melt at the happy smile on your child’s face and the delightful memories you’ll share as you watch your child’s musical potential expand and early learning skills blossom.

newborns to 2's

An early start is the best start! Foster a close heart-to-heart bond with your child and delight in how your child responds to music as you play instruments, sing, make new friends, cuddle, and dance together.


two's & three's

Fall in love with all the ways you can foster your child’s love of music while also rediscovering the joys of childhood through their eyes as you play, giggle, dance, pretend, sing, and explore instruments together.

three's & four's

Be confident that your child is better prepared for school and music lessons later on by gaining a noticeable difference in self-expression, self-control, creativity, imagination, and a fascination with learning and music.


one's & two's


four's & fives's

Thrill at how your child’s joy in music making grows even deeper as they master musical terms, read and compose music, work happily together in ensembles and on teams, and learn to play the glockenspiel.

five's & six's

Take pride in your child’s budding self-confidence, love of singing, joy in playing both dulcimer and recorder, and expanded musical abilities as they graduate into the next big step of taking music lessons.


what's next?

we can take your child on a

musical journey from birth to adult


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