Be confident that your child is better prepared for school and music lessons later on by gaining a noticeable difference in self-expression, self-control, creativity, imagination, and a fascination with learning and music.

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delight in creative musical ensemble activities

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practice independence & inhibitory control & learn new musical terms


practice listening, following directions, & working together

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develop their singing voices & an ability to match pitch

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 thrive in classes filled with musical play & imagination

we're opening enrollment in july for fall 2021

We're opening enrollment in July, 2021, for our award-winning Kindermusik Level 3 program at Simply Music for three and four year olds.

At this formative age, your preschooler is primed and ready to learn more abstract musical concepts through activities that also tap into your child’s creative spirit, boundless energy, and natural love of music. You’ll be amazed at how much your child will grow and learn through listening, singing, storytelling, literacy, instruments, and pretend play activities.


what does my class include?


expert advice from highly trained teachers who truly care


gifts for each musical milestone your child reaches


 free parenting resources & weekly emails with helpful tips


free downloads of beautifully recorded rhymes & songs 


parent-child interaction that helps to build your child's neural pathways 

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musical activities that tap into your child's creative spirit

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story time & literacy activities with pretend play for big imaginations


unlimited makeup classes to give you flexibility when you need it most


priceless moments & cherished memories you & your child will share


100% happiness guaranteed!


Kindermusik is the one activity I would not give up for my child. I truly believe it encompasses so much of what’s important in the development of a child–from babies to older kids. It aids in physical development, emotional development, social development, imagination, cognitive development. It really is the one activity that includes it all.



register for

kindermusik level 3

3's & 4's with caregiver

classes start sep 7, 2021

check back here in july to see class times for fall

$70 tuition per child is monthly; pause whenever you need

location: 13919 E. Illinois Hwy, New Lenox, IL


what's next?

we can take your child on a

musical journey from birth to adult

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