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Piano Keyboard

Mitch Elzinga

New Lenox: Guitar, Piano, Ukulele,
Voice, & Trumpet

About Mitch



Mitchell has been playing piano for 14 years, guitar for 10 years, ukulele and bass for 6 years,

trumpet for 12 years, and singing for 10 years. Mitchell got his roots in piano through classical music

and guitar through jazz and blues music.


In Mitchell’s free time, he loves to spend time with his dogs, go rock climbing, and participate in musicals. Mitchell’s favorite genres of music are indie folk and indie rock, with a little bluegrass and punk mixed in, though he loves all types of music!


Mitchell believes in a very individualized approach to teaching and that the skills students learn in lessons will carry over to other aspects of their lives as well. Mitchell also believes that learning is one of the most important things a person can do. Whether it be a new hobby or something related to school/work, learning is what helps us better ourselves.


Mitch's Calendar 

Is Mitch accepting new students?
Check Mitch
's calendar below to see if he has any spots marked "OPEN for new students." If you register for lessons, you can specify which of his openings you would like. 

If I am currently one of Mitch's students, how do I schedule a makeup lesson with Mitch?
To make scheduling a makeup as easy as possible, here is your teacher's schedule below. There are available make-ups, as indicated by the term “OPEN for makeups.” Scroll down to look at all the available days and times.  

You are NOT able to manually make a schedule change yourself on the calendar. Call, email, or text your teacher to tell him which OPEN spot you would like to take, and he will make the change for you.

Can't see this calendar? Try this:
1. Safari users, go to Preferences>Privacy. Disable "Prevent Cross-Site Tracking."
2. Or, try using the Google Chrome web browser.

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