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Playing Guitar

Zak Tibstra

New Lenox: Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, & Drums

About Zak


Zak loves movies, music, books, art, and board games; but nowhere near as much as he loves his wife

Lissy, his baby girl Evergreen, and his gangster cat Scarface. He’s been writing, playing, recording,

and performing music for 30+ years and loves to discover and explore the beauty, truth, and goodness all around us that might easily go unnoticed if it weren’t for great art that invites us to look a little closer. 


Zak's Calendar 

To make scheduling a makeup as easy as possible, here is your teacher's schedule. There are available make-ups, as indicated by the term “OPEN.” Scroll down to look at all the available days and times.  

You are NOT able to manually make a schedule change yourself on the calendar. Call, email, or text your teacher to tell him which OPEN spot you would like to take, and he will make the change for you.

Can't see this calendar? Try this:
1. Safari users, go to Preferences>Privacy. Disable "Prevent Cross-Site Tracking."
2. Or, try using the Google Chrome web browser.

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