What We Offer


0 - 5 yrs


2's & 3's


0 - 24 mos

Ages 6 & Up

K - 12th

Instrumental Group Classes

Flute Choir

Strings Choir (Coming 2022)

Rock Band (Coming 2023)

Ages 6 & Up

Individual & Combo Packages

Group Only 

Private Lesson Only

Private + Group Combo

Private + Private Combo

Private + Private + Group Combo

How Do I Enroll?

You can enroll in a few different ways.

Would you like to take a private voice or piano lesson as well as join a Pitch Perfect vocal group? Combine your Pitch Perfect class with a private lesson each week through our Private + Group combo. 

Want to take private lessons in two different instruments like voice and piano? Combine two private lessons. We can even schedule them back-to-back! Add a Pitch Perfect class to the package if you'd like.

Want to just learn by yourself? Join our Private Lesson program and do 30 min weekly lessons.