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The first instrument that the human race learns to use is their voice. The cooing sounds of a baby are melodic and full of glissandos as these little ones discover their voice. Often before the age of 2, children sing their way through the day with vocal exploration, new words, and early rhyming. Our Kindermusik classes are the ideal place for children to learn to sing given their limited singing-range.


By age 6, we find students are ready for vocal preparation lessons that teach important vocal techniques for young singers. Private voice instruction continues and then expands at age 13 as we increase the repertoire and put more demands on the voice (the instrument that grows with you!).


Our excellent voice instructors take great care with each voice student to protect the voice and train with proper technique for a lifetime of enjoyment as well as skill-building. We offer 30-minute weekly lessons starting at age 6 all the way through adults.

ages 6 and up

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What You Get Each Month

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Weekly 30-minute lessons from our superstar Simply Music Teachers Clara, Dawn and Heather

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An engaged, supportive community of families 
Awards for each musical milestone your child reaches
Emails with tips on how to help your child get the most out of lessons

Year-round lessons from Sep - Aug with Winter and Spring Recitals


Participate in an exclusive 815 concert event, contests, and our awards program

Lessons that are tailored to your child's individual learning style

100% happiness guaranteed


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Key Benefits

√  Join weekly 30-minute lessons one-on-one with a dynamic Simply Music Teacher

√  Discover a learning experience that matches your interests, goals, and learning style

√  Year-round classes from Sep - Aug, with Winter and Spring recitals and opportunities to perform at an exclusive 815 concert event

√  Participate in special events, contests, and our awards program

​ Pause your enrollment when you need to 


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Private lessons run year-round.

Monthly tuition is $110 per student. We teach a scheduled number of weeks per year and spread payment for those weeks into twelve easy equal payments. This makes it easier for you to budget each month! This monthly amount is not tied to the number of classes or lessons in a given month, but rather is 1/12th of the total cost for the year. 

Your musical success—from start to finish—matters to us. You can start by contacting us for a free phone consultation. We’ll answer your questions, get to know you better, and help you find the instruction style that fits you best. 

If you already know what you’re looking for, go ahead and enroll directly from the schedule above. Your credit card will not be charged until you receive notification that your enrollment is confirmed.

Enroll at any time!  You don’t have to wait to begin lessons or to jump into a class. You can start when you’re ready and pause lessons if you need to. Visit our Customer Care page for more details about enrollment and payment information.